5 Best Team Building Activities In Albuquerque

Team building is getting lots of focus nowadays especially in the business world. Many companies are moving from focusing on individuals to focusing on teams, and this has proven to be an excellent approach. When you create a team-oriented environment, your employees will be more concerned about contributing to the business than achieving their personal goals.

Also, it keeps your employees entertained and motivated. In Albuquerque, there are different team building activities you can plan and arrange for your employees. Let’s look at some of these activities.

Minute To Win It

This is an indoor activity, and it’s available for groups of any size. The main aim of this activity is helping people bond as a team and have fun. How does it work? In this activity, the employees are required to form several teams.


After they have created several teams, each team is required to participate in one-minute challenges. The members of the group will have to work together, cheer, and communicate with each other to emerge winners.

The Mine Field

This activity is aimed at building trust and enhancing communication skills. It can be done either indoors or outdoors and doesn’t need specialized equipment. During the activity, you need to place objects on a designated area and randomly pair up members of a team.

The idea is one member to navigate through this area with their eyes closed and getting guidance on from the other member so that they don’t step on the objects.

After the first walk, the members can swap places and try again. This activity can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

The Escape Room

This is an activity that challenges a team and helps it to bond. It requires collaboration, creativity, and thinking out of the box. During this activity, one of the rooms is transformed into an escape room. Once the timer starts, each team needs to search the room for any hidden clues and puzzles.


The time limit makes everyone work together, allowing for the strengthening of existing relationships and forging new ones. The team members will learn that each view and perspective counts in solving the puzzles. If you’re looking for a great activity, then escape the room game in Albuquerque is an excellent choice.

Build a Wheelchair

If you want your team to bond and do something good for the community as well, the build a wheelchair is a fantastic idea.

The members are divided into groups, and each group uses its skills to assemble and test wheelchairs for a donation. The team which assembles the most number of wheelchairs emerges as the winner.

Build a Raft

This activity shows your teams’ collaborative skills as they compete to build and race their self-made rafts. Each time is given several materials such as pool noodles, inner tubes, tarps, float rings, wood, and PVC pipes and given a specified time to build the rafts. The team members have to work together as they show their creativity and problem-solving skills. The team that creates a raft better and faster emerges the winner.

These are some of the best team building activities in Albuquerque. If successful, they can have a significant impact on the success of your company.