What Relieves Bloating Fast

Many people do experience bloating. This kind of situation is when someone experiences abdominal tightness and fullness. It usually occurs when gas gets build-up at the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be caused by fluid retention in one’s body. Bloating will make one’s stomach to look bigger than normal. The guide below offers additional reading on how you can get rid of bloating quickly.

Go for a walk

Physical activity like walking can assist in the movement of bowel, thus assisting in the removal of excess stool and gas.

Yoga poses


There are some yoga poses which can position your abdomen muscles in a way which will encourage the release of excess gases from the GI tract. Squats, Happy Baby pose and Child’s Pose are some of the yoga exercises which can assist you to remove gases from your body easily.

Trying abdominal message

Messaging one’s abdomen can assist in getting the movement of bowels. However, in this case, you have to do a message which is aimed at the large intestine path. You can follow the following steps so that you can achieve this.

• Placing hands above the right hip bone.

• Try rubbing that area in a circular motion up towards the ribcage on the right side with minimal pressure.

• Rub straight across the upper part of your stomach toward the rib cage on the left side.

• Move slowly downwards towards the hip bone.

• Repeat this as many as possible.

However, in case you feel some pain then you should stop.

Take a warm bath

Male grabbing bloated abdomen as indigestion problem

When you are bloating, taking a warm bath can be one of the ways you can offer relieve to your abdomen. This will make your body to relax, thus reducing stress levels and allowing your GI tract to work well.

Using peppermint capsules

These capsules can also assist in indigestion and release of excess gas from the body. Although they are taken by people with irritable bowel syndrome you can also take them in relieving bloating.

They work by relaxing the intestinal muscles and allowing smooth movement of gas and stool. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. For instance, a person who has heartburn should not take these capsules.