How Does A 360 Degree Camera Work?

How does a 360-degree camera work?

Cameras allow you to capture moments in a unique way. The only downside is to capture these beautiful moments on film, but one must learn how to use the camera. Unfortunately, while most may know how to use a normal camera – the 360 camera is a bit different.

This article will guide you on how to use this type of camera to take great shots for pictures, as well as videos.

Using a timer

Taking photos with this camera doesn’t require you to find angles. Instead, you can capture everything around you – it is 360 for a reason.


Finding a great spot to take the photos is key, as you don’t want to have a boring shot. Look for scenic and panoramic locations for this, but its challenging since you have to capture near and far distances well. When taking the photos, one could use a timer, especially if you don’t want to be part of the picture.

Pick the right height

Picking the right height to take your photo or video is also important. If you place the camera beside you, the chances are that you will be captured in most of the shots.

Instead, by lifting your camera high, this technique will help you get more of your surroundings in the photo. Better yet, if you happen to own a short tripod, this may come in handy when taking the picture. You can mount it somewhere, and it will be steadier than your hands at getting that perfect shot.

Stay still

It is also essential to stay still when taking the photos or videos, to avoid taking blurry images that’s why a tripod stand comes handy.


If you are not still when taking the shots, it will result in the footage of video being shaky and jerky instead of smooth. With a normal camera, it’s probably hard to make such mistakes, but with a 360-degree camera, getting clear video shots is harder due to the nature of the camera.


The only way to get better at using this camera is with more practice. It could be a bit tricky for a first-time user, but the great shots it takes will definitely have you wanting to learn more.

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