Traveling Alone For The First Time? Here’s How To Do It

Are you considering to travel solo for the first time? To some, traveling alone is a little bit intimidating while others do not give it a second thought. The thought of being alone triggers a lot of questions in someone’s mind like “how do I even enjoy a trip alone?”

“What will people think about me when I try to ask them a question or befriend them?” “How will I stay safe in a foreign place?” among other questions.

When wanting the answer to such questions is normal, there are several things that you need to know so that you can enjoy every second of the trip. Read on so that you can travel back home with good memories and even consider traveling alone more often.

1. Know your route before arriving

You probably have heard that solo travelers are the main victims of scams and theft, more importantly, when one is unfamiliar to a place. With this in mind, get to know your routes before landing.


You can start by finding the directions to your hotel or place of accommodation from the airport. That way, you won’t get stranded after arrival which will make the prying eyes think that you are familiar to the place.

2. Secure extra copies of important documents

Have you been in a situation where you misplaced an important document such as a driving license and had to halt the process you were up to? Well, this can get even worse when you happen to lose your documents in a foreign place.

Hence, make extra copies of your passport, passport photos, or identification document just in case you happen to lose your documents. Also, carry along some extra cash since this may be of help when your budget turns out to be on the high-end.

3. Have a backup plan

If you want to travel with peace of mind, then make a plan and stick with it, but also have a plan B in case the first one fails. For instance, if you were planning to visit a specific area in the place you are traveling, you should consider other places as well since you might never know the event scheduled to be held in the place you were planning to visit.


Also, besides knowing the name of the hotel you are staying, have a written copy of the hotel’s name, street, address, and contact just in case you happen to be driven by a taxi driver who isn’t familiar with the place.

4. Book your flight and hotel in advance

When traveling alone for the first time, you do not want to miss a flight or try to book a hotel only to find out that the hotel or hostel you can afford is booked to capacity.

Hence, make arrangements in advance and get a confirmation message or email confirming that your flight and accommodation are ready. You can also arrange with your hotel so that they can send you a cab on arrival.

5. Notify a friend or relative about your whereabouts

Getting lost, stranded, or in danger is something that can happen during your first solo travel. In case this happens, you will want someone to rescue you before things turn out to be worse. Therefore, notify your family about where you are going and if possible, keep them updated daily. That way, you can leave those at home to follow up on your safety with a lot of ease.


Sure, traveling alone for the first time can be intimidating and confusing. However, do not allow your loneliness to weigh you down during the first solo travel. Follow each of these tips and be sure to enjoy every bit of the visit to the point that you wish to travel solo more often.