Why It Is Important To Be Mindful

The concept of mindfulness has origins in Eastern philosophy teachings, and it is generally associated with a practice of meditation and quiet self-reflection. Mindfulness has evolved from being viewed as a strictly personal or spiritual practice, and now it is used by many organizations as an employee development strategy, as a means of reducing job dissatisfaction, increasing employee well-being, improving retention, and promoting creativity.

Organizations have utilized this concept in leadership development classes as a means of helping leaders improve their decision-making process.

Many organizations provide mindfulness courses, including Google that offers “Search Inside Yourself.” When used for employee development, mindfulness has been viewed from its potential to increase self-awareness, and that includes an analysis of the attitude and mindset held.


It is a process of considering what a person spends their time thinking about, whether it is the past, present, or future. It is a way of recognizing how and what you feel, along with being aware of how you excel and what areas you need to improve upon – as a means of personal development. Let look over here in this article Why it is essential to be mindful.

Reduced Stress

Being mindful is crucial because it helps to improve the ability to manage stress.

Increased Focus

Another crucial importance of being mindful can focus, concentrate, and pay attention to any activity that you are undertaking.

Improve emotional intelligence

It can also help to improve emotional intelligence as a person becomes more aware of what they are feeling and the emotions they are experiencing. You can improve your conflict resolution skills.

Improved Creativity & Collaboration

It matters less what you do to be able to earn a living, and your creativity can be your best resource. Being mindful helps you boost your creativity when you feel like it is not possible to access that part of yourself.


Being mindful, there is also an improved sense of self with this level of awareness and a general feeling of balance. Becoming mindful may not be enjoyable or easy to learn at first, but it is crucial to have an interest and learn this act. The essence of mindfulness can be translated as self-awareness, focus, and concentration, which are all helpful for people who have other competing interests.